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Mouser Cabinetry Traverse City

125 Years of Perfecting the Art of Custom Cabinetry


Since 1893, Plato Woodwork has earned its reputation as one of America’s finest custom cabinetry manufacturers and fashion leaders. The master craftsmen of the Pinske family have owned and actively managed their thriving company in the small Midwestern community of Plato, Minnesota for five generations.

Over a century later, Plato still builds every cabinet as a true original. Designed, built and finished to your specifications and our exacting standards, we use a deft blend of state-of-the art technology and old-fashioned hands on craftsmanship to produce American made heirloom quality cabinetry for your home.

Just as importantly, we are committed to using domestic sources for our materials whenever possible. Though cheaper materials may be available, we feel that if you really want to say your product is “Made in the USA” there should be more to it than just assembling the product in America. And, since most of us grew up together here in rural Minnesota, you can imagine we are pretty dedicated to our local workforce and environment, too. You see, we are just as committed to the future generations who will one day be part of this company and community as we are respectful of our heritage.

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