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Top Trends for 2018!

Can you believe it?!? Eleven more days of 2017!! As we approach the end of the year, I am always anxious and excited for the what the new year will have in store. And every year, I am always astounded by the vast array of new products, trends and technologies introduced to the design world- it makes being a designer even more fun (& challenging)!

Whether you have a remodel or new construction project on your list for 2018, these are the products and ideas I am most excited for in 2018!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!



1) Black in the New Black

Not only should we all celebrate the return of black, also think deep brown hues if you are looking for a slightly more subtle look than the bold color. Using black for cabinetry, window trim, interior doors and grout are all some of my favorite ways to introduce the this timeless, sleek color to a home.

2) Pattern

This is actually something I have been really having fun with as we come to end an end in 2017- looking forward to seeing all the new options I will have access to in 2018! Mixing a bold, fun pattern into a floor or wall brings put a smile on everyone's face! Not ready to make the commitment to a pattern on an entire floor or wall? Baby steps... go for a patterned rug or towels!

3) Built - In Pizza Oven for the Kitchen

How cool is this Pizza Oven from GE Monogram?!? Can you say pizza parties galore!?! Not only is the oven integrated to allow for easy built- in installation and no additional duct work, but it also is designed to match the capabilities of the best restaurant pizza ovens to help home chefs achieve the perfect slice!

Check out all the features at:

4) Mixed Metals

Gone are the days of satin nickel EVERYTHING! Although I love a good matchy-matchy outfit, I've learned that when it comes to home decor, mixing metals is absolutely okay. It is an excellent way to add character and depth to a house, but of course there is a method to the madness that should be kept in mind when mixing metals. First and foremost, consider your overall palette and work with metals with in your palette. If you find your palette tends to pull more cool tones (blues, greens and violet) stick with cool metals (such as chrome and silver). If your color palette leans towards warm tones (like reds, brown, and yellows), your best bet will be to stick to warm metals (such as gold, brass, and copper). And of course, keep everything subtle so that nothing is competing with one another for the attention- don't clutter the space with too many metal pieces. Iron, wood and non-metallic finishes in the space will act as a neutralizer to your mixed metals, so try adding some objects that are made from these materials as well.

5) Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection. In Interior Design, this translates to handmade or hand-painted items, including rough linens and pottery. Consider this permission to leave your bed unmade.

6) Statement Light Fixtures

Like a great piece of art, a statement light fixture can really draw the eye and set off a space. Look for something that compliments the lines and finishes found in your home. The days of recessed can lights and track lighting are long gone and I am seeing more and more clients ready and willing to incorporate more statement pieces when it comes to lighting. This is a great way to also incorporate different metals into the space (refer back to my #4 item)

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