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How to Organize a Kitchen of Any Size

Large or small.... how to organize the kitchen is one of the questions I get the most from clients. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it is easy to see how and why it gets messy and cluttered fast! As I kitchen designer, I am trained to find those secret/hidden spots that can be used for additional storage to really maximize the cabinetry you have to work with. Also, I like to incorporate interior organizational accessories, which allows every tool and item in your kitchen to have its own spot!

I thought I would share some tips and tricks to organizing and finding more storage space in your kitchen.

1) Purge, Purge and Purge

Think about how you cook and how you entertain. Do you really need twenty wine glasses and five water pitchers? Maybe if you entertain for large crowds this is reasonable, but if it is just you and your husband and dog who enjoys the comforts of your house, maybe it is time to weed out some of the supplies you do not use.... ever! This goes the same for food/pantry staples, if you find that you rarely cook a meal at home, maybe you don't need sixty different spices....however if you cook all the time, sixty spices may seem reasonable!

2) Rank Items in Order of Importance

Kind of relating back to tip #1. If you do feel the need to have multiples of a certain item, but only use a couple of them on a daily basis and the rest only a handful of times a year, find storage outside of the kitchen or in a more un-reachable area for these overflow items. My favorite place to storage serving platters and extra cookie sheets (thinking holiday baking time!) is above the refrigerator which normally becomes a dead space anyways because of the height and depth of the cabinet. I then like to keep my 2-3 baking sheets I use on a daily basis next to the range for easy access.

3) Pull Out Pantry's are Amazing!

If you don't have room for a large pantry cabinet or a walk in pantry, I highly suggest incorporating a pull out pantry in your kitchen layout. They come in widths of about 12" - 15" only, but allow for SO much storage. More importantly, it is a very visible and organized method of pantry storage, versus stuffing things in a deep cabinet, which always seem to get lost!

4) Drawer Organizers

I cannot get enough of the various drawer organizers on the market. One of my favorites is a shallow height roll out tray that fits in the top section of your drawer box for lid storage. Pots, pans, and Tupperware are the hardest items to keep organized and these systems make it a breeze!

5) Find "Hidden Storage" Areas

This is a great way to add additional storage to your kitchen with minimal effort by turning dead spaces into storage spaces! Shallow depth cabinets on the backside of your island instead of panels, toe kick drawers, and utilizing corners for cabinetry are just a few ways to do so. Although these spaces will be a little harder to reach, it is a great spot for things you only use a handful of times per year!

6) Utilize Appliance Garages for Countertop Appliances

Appliance garages don't necessarily give you more storage space, but they do give your countertop appliances, such as a toaster, blender or coffee maker a home that will give your kitchen a clutter-free look.

Sometimes spicing up your kitchen means organizing it in a more efficient way, which in return gives you more space than you have ever dreamed of! Hopefully these tips will save you time, promote efficiency, help unclutter your counters and make you a cooking Goddess (not that you weren't one already!). Life may be chaotic, but at least you know where your pie server is!

Happy Organizing!


Paige Fuller is an award winning and nationally recognized certified interior designer. Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Paige’s style exemplifies the Up North Lifestyle you crave. Whether you’re building a new waterfront home as a summer get away or remodeling an existing home, Paige’s attention to detail and existing network of builders and suppliers in the area allow her to turn your vision into reality.

Email Paige at to get started on your design project today!

Photography Credit: Jessie Zevalkink

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